Brian Carroll | Week 4 | Deload Bench & Squat assistance

I just finished 3 meets in 3 months and I’m now taking downtime to recover, rest and work on weak points. I did hit PR Total, 2651, PR squat 1102 and a PR bench 788 all at 242.


Huge thanks to Captain and Inzer Advance Designs for supporting my lifting!

I’m transitioning into more of a traditional offseason now vs the fluff and buff ‘coasting’ that I’ve been doing to heal up. 2 months has just flown by like crazy. My plan is to continue offseason for a few more weeks then do Tony Cowdens RPS meet Halloween Weekend in NC.

What I’ll be doing for now:
Monday – Feet up bench as main lift
Wed – stays the same, just heavier and more intense
Thur – Full and buff upper
Sat – Pause squats with cambered or buffalo bar – deads off blocks. no equipment

Monday 8.22.16 – Bench Deload
Normal Warm-up
Incline DB press: 4×15
Flat DB fly: 3×12
Flat DB press: 3×12
DB skull with twist: 3×12
Band fly: 3×12
Band press-down ss Bench dips: 3×12
Stir the pot: 100

Wed 8.24.16 – Squat/DL Deload
Normal Warm-up
Lat pull-down: 3×12
Rack barbell row: 3×12
Barbell shrug: 3×10
One leg GM: 3×6
One leg Calf raise: 3×12
Stir the pot: 50

* lighter day overall as per the deload for both sessions. Feeling very good right now and healed up and rested. This is due to a few factors 1. Giving my body a rest for a couple months, 2. getting my diet and supps in check and 3. Staying true to my deloads before I am forced to do them.

I’m excited to crank up training a bit and push some. I will hold back a little bit during September and then push hard in Oct. I have a pretty solid plan, I think.

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