Brian Carroll | 10/20/Life Week 8, day 1 | Heavy Squat & DL

I’m looking at doing a tune-up meet this spring to knock off some rust, dial-in some details and make a final-last run for the WPO this coming November. I don’t quite know where I stand since I haven’t competed in over a year. I’m a realist-a lot can change in a year.


The way I planned the final couple of weeks made sense to take my heaviest weight on this week. I was coming off a nice deload week and needed to see where I stood.

I felt good going into this squat day and had plans to go over 1100lbs and pull between a potential opener and a second.

Here’s how the day went:

Normal warm-up

  1. Band shoulder dislocation /BW squat /Band flye
  2. McGill big 3
  3. Goblet squat
  4. Empty bar for reps


500×1 – in Inzer Predators

650×1- added Gripper knee wraps

800×1- full gear

955×1- tightened everything down

1025×1-same, had everything just a tiny bit too tight

1125×1-I added reverse bands and it moved pretty well. Better than 1025


I was warm at this point. I felt ready to pull. A little tired. A side note: If I wasn’t tired & warm, this meant I was moving far too slow.

I threw on the Fusion DLer with Grid and went to work






Belt squat w/pause: 3×6

Stir the pot: 100

Carries and drags: a few rounds but I was toast…

Other than not sitting back on my 1025 and 1125 squats, I felt pretty good. These are the things that you get rusty on when you haven’t taken the weight in a year. This is why I feel it’s important to feel some heavy weight in training. But, one must toe the line of not taking big weights too much. How much is too much? It depends… haha

I felt my wedge is a little rushed. I need to work on it. But my excuse is the suit is very, very tight. Still a lame excuse. Decent speed on the 635 and 700 pulls. The 755 you could see a little fatigue setting in.

Overall, happy with my squat and deadlift power. The form needs to be honed a bit more. I’m a little all over the place, especially during the unrack and eccentric portion.

I was just starting to come around on this guy. Never really liked him. But after a few big wins, I couldn’t deny his ability.  Dude has incredible skills and backs up his talk. (When he actually fights) At this point it’s been about 500 days and now this. This stunt should give some perspective on who he is as a human and where his priorities are. Dude would rather do this than actually defend one of the 2 belts he had.

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