Driggers, 1-15-2015 Pulling, I don’t know why!

Brian said to me yesterday, “You should be happy, those are as snappy as ever”

At first I didn’t care. I’m not pulling for a specific reason other than I like to. I’m retired remember. And I said as much to him in response. But after thinking about it I was happy with it. Even if it isn’t in prep for the platform, I like feeling strong.

I followed these with a few accessory movements:


3 sets of 6


200 x 12 for 3 sets

DB Shrugs:

95 x 12 for 3 sets

I am continuing my quest for a smaller waistline and the ability to walk up a single flight of stairs without breathing heavy so I walked two mile just previous to this. I’m doing that, or more, 5-6 days a week.

Check out Game Plan products. I’m loving their vitamins and post training recovery products right now.


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