Team Samson Powerlifting: WPO Prep

We’ve been rocking the new Kamikaze album in the gym for good music and saying small prayers for MGK (Except Monday was Metallica). WPO Training is in full force right now for Team Samson. Something this big with a lot on the line, everyone has taken a “all hands on deck” approach. Rest of the team is still getting their training in, but we are all also focused on helping Brian. Monday nights are usually 2+ hours for benching and Saturdays are no different, sometimes going even longer. We all typically grab breakfast together Saturday mornings to catch up on the week and build comradery. We’ve got a good group right now.

Brian Carroll’s log Here

Adam Driggers worked up to 375×3 on Monday night (old man still has it). Saturday was light work as he worked up to 315x3x3

Clint Smith who has been battling a nagging knee injury unfortunately had to pull out of the WPO. Clint is focused on getting back to 100% health. Monday saw him work up to 315x5x3 on bench. Saturday was resistance work.

Dondell Blue came out and hit an easy 495×1 on bench. Saturday he worked and did not make training

Filipe worked up to 315x2x3 with shoulder saver on bench. Saturday was deload as he worked up to 225x3x2 on squat.

Shane Ford has been out when he can to train. His son is playing pop warner football, so that has taken up a lot of his time.

Mike Holman worked up to 395×3 on bench and 315x5x3 with shoulder saver. Squat was 225×2

Quote of the week:

Member A: “I’ll just walk away”

Member B: “Like you walked away from the meet?”


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Team Samson Powerlifting

Team Samson was founded by Adam Driggers who built the Team Samson compound. Some of the biggest names in powerlifting have trained with Team Samson including Dondell Blue, Al Caslow, and Gary Frank. What began as a small group of members has grown into an accomplished team of lifters that continue to chase after new strength gains. Team Samson is made up of pro lifters Brian Carroll, Clint Smith, and Jonathan Byrd along with lifters in various stages of their lifting career including Adam Driggers, Keith Price, Filipe Gusmão, Mike Holman, Paul Key, Shane Ford, Shane Shepperd, and Tony Garland.
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