Driggers, Pulling from 2/4/2015

Since before the Arnold last year my feet go numb after pulling. I pulled almost none after tearing my posterior longitudinal ligament from the spine at the Arnold in 2013. I only pulled heavy the last month leading up to the 2014 Arnold. It worried me to pull in spite of the squat being what damaged me in the first place. Once I began pulling I could tell my feet were going numb and staying numb for days, and then it turned into an almost constant feeling of numbness and tingling.  The numbness was the primary reason I struggled on the platform under the bar in 2014. After adding the knee wraps I couldn’t feel my feet to the point of feeling clumsy. From the time the first wrap was cinched I wanted nothing but to take them off.

That numbness continues now when I pull conventional. My feet go numb for a couple of days or more. I hold my form to near perfect but it doesn’t matter. So This past Wednesday I decided to pull sumo. I like pulling, conventional more so than sumo but sumo over nothing, so I wanted to give it a try. I only went to 365, but it felt good so I’ll give it a ride for a few weeks and continue to test it. My feet aren’t numb as I write this, so maybe I’ll be able to continue to pull on a semi-regular basis.

Sumo Pulls:

315 x 3

365 x 1 for 5 set


3 sets of 6

Pull-downs Wide:

170 x 12

Pull-downs Close:

170 x 12

DB Shrugs

95 x 12 for 3 sets


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