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So I just checked and it’s been almost 3 months since I last posted a training log. There’s a good reason, my training has sucked and been all over the place. Add in a few injuries, some epidural shots at C6-C7 and you have a 3 month layoff from anything worth posting. That’s the short story. And now that I’m writing one I’m reminding myself that I’m in the busiest season of my business and probably wont be back on track until after the first of the year. But that’s just an excuse I suppose and I’ll do my best to get some things that might be interesting.

Like Benching:

I have had two interesting weeks on the bench. I’m not sure where this even came from but for the past two weeks, in spite of the neck issues, my bench has felt really strong. Last week I challenged my rep PR and missed by only one. I hit 6 reps with 405. I followed that up with a set of  5 and a third set of 4.

I followed those sets up with some close grip shoulder saver presses with 275 x 10. 3 sets. And then some flyes with 40 lb dbs.

This week I came in hoping to capitalize on the work I stumbled upon last week. I went 425 x 3 for 3 sets. My third set may have been the best one. Ride the wave while it’s there I suppose.

I followed that up with 3 sets of close grip shoulder saver presses with 315 x 10. Only 8 on the 3rd set. Then flyes with the 40 lb dbs again.

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