Step By Step Guide: How To Squat

By: Brian Carroll

The squat is disputably one of the best movements that you could possibly master. The only problem is, very few actually master the movement. The squat is highly technical, but not impossible to master.


If you are walking the weight out, you want to start under the bar with everything tight and your feet even. Upon unracking the bar, you should come back with two steps and one extra step to bridge the difference. Your upper back needs to remain tight and elbow should be pulled down. This will create a lifters wedge.

Your feet play a crucial role in the squat. They should grip the floor like monkey – by squeezing and locking them in. This is will give you a sturdier base. Your gaze should not look up nor down, but rather somewhere in the middle. You want to look as if you’re trying to meet the place where the wall and ceiling connect. It is crucial that all of the above criteria is and you remain tight and in control.


Now you’re ready to squat.


The first movement is going to be a hip hinge back, and then you will squat down below parallel. Your gaze should not differ from your initial set up as you should be still looking at where the wall and ceiling meet. It is important to make sure that the upper back does not become rounded, your elbows are still pulled down and the weight is kept onto your heels as you prepare to drive your heels through the ground on the ascent.


To complete the squat, as mentioned above; the weight will need to be kept on the heels, eye sight will be the same as the set up and descent and your elbows will remain tucked in and pulled down (lats). As the weight should be kept on your heels; drive your heels into the ground further and stand up. You will have successfully completed the squat and can rack the weight.

Your grip width and foot stance will vary depending on your leverages and your overall structure. However, by following these cues, your technique and strength will drastically improve.

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