Switching to 10/20/Life: Sitting down with Cody and Tom from Kratos Barbell Part 1

Switching to 10/20/Life: Sitting down with Cody and Tom from Kratos Barbell goes live at 9 am est, Thursday 5.23.24

During Arnold weekend in 2024, I had the privilege of sitting with Cody, Tom (and Jacob, seen in the second part of the video) from Kratos Barbell in Tifton, Georgia. We had a great conversation about Life, powerlifting, and transitioning from a conjugate training style to 10/20/Life. 

I first met Cody in 2022 when he reached out for training cycle coaching(powerlifting), mentioning that he might need help with his acting up back. He wanted to continue toward his competition. After I gave my thoughts, we agreed to see how it went with programming in powerlifting. 

More coming soon 

We’ve been working together for a while now, and his team (he’s the head coach) uses the 10/20/Life approach for competition and training. We also discussed Cody’s back injury, his Cauda Equina symptoms, the sensation of his back exploding (end-plate), and his struggle with basic movements like rolling over in bed and using his legs to squat 600lbs now, pain-free successfully. Through the 10/20/Life approach, we focused on specific exercises and techniques to strengthen and build strength and endurance in his back and improve his overall performance. This has been crucial in his recovery. 

In this video series, we explore the change in approach and the personal records set by Tom, Cody, Jacob, and the team. We also examine how the team trains at 4 a.m. (I can’t imagine squatting at 4 a.m.). We delve into Tom’s start in powerlifting with Cody’s coaching and 10/20/Life and how he’s been able to total over 2000 lbs raw multiple times with a best of 2050 at 270, as he targets 2100 in his meet in June.

We then discuss Jacob’s 300-lb increase in his PR total over the last couple of years and all things powerlifting, team training, and 10/20/Life. We also touch on their modifications to the 10/20/Life approach, showing that it’s not a rigid system but one that can be adjusted to individual needs and goals.

Hint: They don’t do too much to change the template. Most people find it unnecessary unless lifting is equipped, and then this is a whole different animal! More to come on this as well! 


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