Hi. Iv had back pain for over 1 year. Most of the time i had no clue what it was. Untill around 3 months ago i was crippled on the floor from picking a dumbell up from the floor. Turns out i have a l5s1 disk herniation with some nerve tingling. And flexion intolerant. Anyway im reading through gift of injury atm. My question is while you are in pain (my pain ranges from a 2 to a 6 depending on the time of the day/sensitivity of my back) do you guys still train in the gym doing accessory/isolation excercise? Or stick to the big 3 and walking untill there is no pain and have full range. I currently at times cannot do a hip hinge without pain in my lower back. Sorry for the long message guys thought it wohld be helpful adding relevant info. Thanks!

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Tucker Loken Answered question December 1, 2018