Hello again PRS friends

Right now I’m finishing up the last couple weeks of a “powerbuilding cycle” I made with a combo of yours and RPs information to lose some excess body fat.

I recently picked out a bench only on December 2nd. Assuming I take the week of the meet off I would have 11 weeks of meet peaking assuming I finish up the last 2 weeks of powerbuilding.

I’m wondering whether I should do

  • The regular 10 week meet prep in the book for bench press (I’ll still train squat/DL offseason style til week 9 and take it light on week 10) with an extra week thrown in there OR
  • Do a short offseason and a short meet prep OR
  • Something different if you have a better idea. I’m not an expert in powerlifting so this is why I ask you guys.

All in all I feel pretty good, bench is coming along nice and I’m not beat up at all if that helps.



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