I’m a little under 4 weeks out now, Paul’s programming has really been working for me. This was a quieter week so far, no injuries or emergency trips thankfully. It’s a deload week; my deloads have been a slight reduction in intensity about 5-10% and one main lift variant instead of two, I’ve been using these weeks to chase the accessory work a little harder and hone in technique.

Focal Points this Week

  • Bench – not reaching with the head or collapsing my chest, speed
  • Deadlifts – Slightly narrower stance, better wedge with hips closer to the bar, these were probably my best looking deadlifts from the last 18 weeks
  • Barbell Row – I went a little lighter and focused on getting a better contraction and less momentum
  • Lat Pulldown Underhand – I’ve actually been using these to work on my ribcage position by exhaling and really bracing the ribs down as the arms go up overhead, this is one of my favorite ways to improve overhead shoulder mobility granted you can get into the position.
  • GHD – These have really improved my lower body game, I have to be very intent to get my left glute to contract on these and I’m guessing that has something to do with the left hip issues I’ve been having.

Not too much else to report, gonna stay diligent with my food and sleep and get ready to head into next week which should be pretty heavy.


  • Bench Press 3x6sets @70% (285)
  • DB Bench 5×10
  • Pressdowns 5×20
  • Underhand Band Pullaparts 100
  • Stir the Pot 200


  • Deadlift 1×10 @75% EMOM (465)
  • BB Row 4×5
  • Lat Pulldown 4×10
  •  GHR 3×12
  • Facepulls 4×25
  • SA Farmers Walk 250ft/hand
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Andrew Serrano

Andrew Serrano is a full time trainer, holds a B.S. in exercise science and has worked in almost every facet of the training industry. He is currently competing as a 198lb raw lifter, his meet PRs are 589/391/601. His training is guided by the 10/20/Life philosophy with a focus on sustainable injury free progression.

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