Andrew Serrano – Last Heavy Deadlifts

17 days out. Had my heaviest deadlift session of the prep today. Monday night after bench, I’m not sure what happened but some personal stress mixed in with how amped up I was from the workout had me wide awake until 5am. Knowing I had heavy deadlifts on Wednesday, I moved all my clients to later in the week and basically slept, ate and did some passive recovery stuff all of Tuesday. I’m pretty thankful my job allows me to do that, and it’s not something I do lightly.

Wednesday I scheduled the first half of the day purely for meals and training. I ate three times between 8am and noon, then headed in. All the focus on recovery paid off. I worked up to a 2RM of 610 and I’m pretty happy with the way it moved. The most I’ve pulled in training is two ugly singles at 605, and 562 in a meet. My original goal of 620 is what I had been using as my 100% for the prep.

After sending Paul the videos, he mentioned I needed to pull the bar in more once it passed my knees. This is one of those super seemingly obvious things that I thought I was doing but for whatever reason this time it clicked when I watched the video. I’ve got two more sessions to work on that before the meet.


  • Deadlift work up to 2RM 85%+ (495,545,585,610)
  • Barbell Row 4×5 (245)
  • Lat Pulldown 4×10 (130)
  • GHD 3×12
  • Facepulls 4×25 monster mini band
  • 1Arm Farmers Carry 250ft/side
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Andrew Serrano

Andrew Serrano is a full time trainer, holds a B.S. in exercise science and has worked in almost every facet of the training industry. He is currently competing as a 198lb raw lifter, his meet PRs are 589/391/601. His training is guided by the 10/20/Life philosophy with a focus on sustainable injury free progression.

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