Ben Sheard 5 Weeks Out RPS Gear Resurgence

Currently I am 4 weeks out from a meet I will be doing January 27th in New Jersey. I just finished up all of my 5 weeks out lifts with a few tweaks to the meet prep plan. Since I was feeling less than my best the week prior and did not have enough guys to spot at the time, I bumped some days around in order to perform better and still get all of my work in. That is the beauty to having a training program like 10/20 Life. It is fully customizable and allows me to arrange my training days according to what I feel will have the best possible outcome. Instead of a deload week, I hit some decent deadlifts in full gear at 600lbs. I went full go with my squat day since I saved it from the week prior and hit 720lbs. My bench day I just got a little more work in than a typical deload, and hit some singles at 405 and 435 to a 3 board.

Monday Deadlift Day

As I mentioned above, I felt like I needed a lot more work pulling with full gear on. I hit some decent singles (3) at 600lbs and felt comfortable with how they looked. Next week Ill be going fairly heavy so I didn’t want to push anything at all before doing so the next two weeks.

One mile on bike

Birddogs, Rolling Planks, McGill Curl Ups

Dynamic Frog Warmup

Clam Shells






Top Sets: 585×1, 600×1 (3)

Light Reverse Hypers and leg curls

Thursday Squat Day

Thankfully I saved this training session for this particular day, as there were plenty of spotters as opposed to the week before when it was me and another training partner to run the mono (0 spotters). Warmups felt good, and so did the squats. With the exception of losing my balance a little on the way up with 720lbs, the weight felt light and fast.

One mile on bike

Birddogs, Rolling Planks, McGill Curl Ups

Dynamic Frog Warmup

Clam Shells

Empty Bar x 20








Top Sets: 720×1 (2), 775×1 Reverse Band

Leg Extensions

Saturday Bench Day

I felt like I needed more work in the shirt, so I worked up to some lighter 3 board singles. My bench feels ridiculously weak right now, which doesn’t make sense considering my offseason work. All I can do is practice my technique on shirt work and hammer away at extra accessories.

Banded shoulder warmups

McGill Big 3

Empty Bar x 20





365×2 3 board

405×1 (2) and 435×1 to a 3 board

CG bench

Bench Press CG with Bands 195lbs + green minis

Overhead press

Tricep pressdowns

Front Raises

DB Overhead Press

Banded Tricep Pressdowns (til burnout)

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Ben Sheard

Ben Sheard started powerlifting at age 13, competing in single ply from 1999-2004 back in his home state of Ohio. He started powerlifting again in 2014 after struggling with substance abuse/addiction for over 10 years. Competing as a raw powerlifter, he achieved an Elite Total at 198 lbs. Best raw lifts at 198 are 611 squat, 352 bench, and a 606 lb deadlift. Recently made a transition to Multi-Ply in 2017. Coached by Brian Carroll using 10/20 Life, he achieved a Pro Total in his most recent meet at 198lbs. Best equipped lifts in a meet are an 804 squat, a weak 463 bench, and a 700lb deadlift. He is a NASM certified PT, but works full time as a Supervisor at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Deerfield Beach, FL. Currently training out of Boynton Barbell Center in Boynton Beach, FL. Ben will be competing next at the XPC Pro Day in Columbus, where he looks to secure a 2,000+ lb total at 198.
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