Brian Carroll – Week 3, day 3 – “Path to the WR total at 242”


Notice the title of the log

Currently training for the XPC Arnold weekend March 7

This is NO DISRESPECT to lifters like current and former 242 greats Juha, Panora, Hoff or ANYONE at all. It’s in reach and I want the total record, especially since I was pretty close a few months back. I’ve actually chased it on and off for the better part of 10 years.

I’m not predicting shit, calling my shot or anything like that. The fact is that I’m pushing that 2700+ at 242. Will I get it? Let’s see. I’ve hit it quite a few times at 275 while not being 100%. Either way, I’m on the path toward it, I just hope I get there, and will log pretty much everything about the process. This will also keep my accountable to make sure I’m doing what I need to be doing.

Arnold is about 6 weeks away or so from now, give or take.

This cycle is flying by like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Feeling good about training and my goals overall, but have to execute and step up to the plate.


Wednesday – squat/dl assistance work

I wanted to put some work in, but at the same time I didn’t want to push it too hard and not be ready for the next 3 weeks wave coming up as I approach the bulk of the cycle and 90%ish lifts.

Mcgill big 3 work as warm-up

Band fly
Band skull

Mcgill chins – 1zillion
Snatch grip rack row: 4×5
DB shrug: 3×12
Hammer curl: 3×12
1-arm KB swing: 3×12
Goblet squat: 3×12
1-leg GM: 3×12
Mcgill big 3 again…..

Good session. I say this will 100% confidence – nothing works my hips and hams like a 1-leg GM with a KB:

I HIGHLY SUGGEST these for your assistance work if you NEED some direct ham and hip work without loading the spine. I think they blow away any version of a GHR or the like. Ok, enough talking about leaning over with a KB.

I’m ready to take some weight this weekend/Monday. Time to see where I am vs where I need to be. Very fun time in training.

And I’m really looking forward to this competition especially since I couldn’t deadlift at the meet last year.

Body weight is holding at 260ish without too much effort overall. I have it pretty much locked in as of now. Supplements and diet are very locked in and consistent. This tends to change when traveling but right now it’s on point.

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