Quick Tip #14: Cutting weight Follow-up – Five tips for after you make weight!

By: Brian Carroll

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For the complete guide to making weight the safest and most effective way possible, check out Brian’s weight cutting ebook “Cutting Weight”. The tips below are merely a tease from the book. Get the book here: Cutting Weight AND 10/20/Life Combo!

Enjoy these tips safely and at your own risk. Consult your Doctor.

Cutting weight can be DANGEROUS and is NOT suggested when health issues could be present, you’re a weak-minded individual or those who don’t enjoy being a little uncomfortable.

When properly executed, you can lift in a lighter weight class with zero damage to strength levels. Get the book to see EXACTLY how it’s done.

1. Make fluid priority. Fluid is #1 and by far the most important. Ease into fluids and don’t force too much Gatorade or the like right away, especially if you had a hard cut. Luke-warm water to start IMMEDIATLEY then gradually transition on to more sugary fluids. Fluid in your hand or mouth at all times, all day and all night. This doesn’t stop until AFTER the meet is over!

2. Eat lots of sodium and carbs and don’t worry too much about protein. Don’t avoid it, but you’re in the act of filling out muscle you’ve built, not building muscle. You need the sodium and sugar to accomplish this. Sugary or salty snack in your hands at all times, even if you’re just nibbling. Same thing goes for meet day. Don’t stop.

3. Eat steady throughout the day. It is important to get enough food back in, but if you force too much too fast, much like the sugary fluids, you could get sick. You don’t want that. Slow and steady wins the race. Snacking, snacking and more snacking. I suggest 3 meals, with a constant snack throughout the day. Eat your usual snacks, but don’t be afraid to throw in some junk food if you incorporated it in your diet from time to time. Same goes for meet day, for God’s sake eat something!

4. Get a LIGHT workout in some time the evening after you weigh in. Much like the glycogen depletion the week prior, you want to do something similar, but with less reps to help pump the muscles back UP. A couple sets of 8-12 rep’s with bands or the like is perfect. Break a sweat and move around. The rest of the day stay off your feet, but for this 45 minute workout or so, this should fast paced and cover the full body with 2 sets or so per body part.

5. Don’t stray too much from normal diet. This is hard to do, but if you NEVER eat fried chicken or Thai food, don’t decide to experiment on this day. I do understand that it can be difficult to eat a normal day, just try to keep it as normal as possible. Eat the same staples as a normal day would bring and when adding in “junk” or “filler” foods, keep them to ones you’re familiar with!

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