Dear Brian & Team
First i most say what a fantastic journey you have done comeback in the highest elite again after back injury, Amazing, i have been Active in powerlifting since 1982 & have over 200 + meet behind me but suffer from a back injury & nervs in legs are more or less juseless after accident, this happent years back. So back to my question i have order your book from a sale agent in Europa ( since i lives here) & will also order gift of injury belive this will be Amazing books for me personaly & all i coach, my question is i Heard 10-20-life book is more for Raw lifting & has to be modification for EQ lifting? will it be your advice how to do this in book or has you written any about this?
Looking forward to learn more from you in this book, keep up the good work & best of luck against WPO Finals this year

Kind Regards Petter E

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Brian Carroll Answered question September 5, 2018