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Adam Driggers is keeping his retirement casual by still out-lifting active lifters on occasion. Channing Doyle had a successful meet before going out on deployment. Filipe Gusmão has been recovering from his tricep tendon repair surgery.

The team compound was very active for a couple months due to the majority of the team being in meet prep. Training intensity has calmed down as of late as the training has shifted to offseason for some and injury recovery for others. Training is not always exciting, but its these low intensity session working on weaknessess, and recovery that pave the way to PRs.


Adam Driggers

Adam got some work in on the cambered squat bar working up to several sets of triples at 385lbs.

After Squats he kept it light and easy on Deads working up to triples at 405.

Channing Doyle

Channing went into this meet ready to hit some decent numbers on Squat and deadlift. He was concerned with his bench as he had a minor strain about 3 weeks out. He was able to recover from this and felt ready to put together a decent total. A last minute decision to cut down to 198, which failed (he made it to 199), possibly cost him some pounds on the platform.


Channing ended up with a 650 squat. He squatted 685 (video below) on his second easily but cut it on depth slightly and got red lighted.



Channing stayed conservative on his third attempt bench as his second attempt was mis-grooved, but he ended up smoking 400 on his third.



Channing ended the day with a 680 deadlift giving him a 1,730 total which is a 5 lb meet PR.


Filipe Gusmão

Filipe competed in the RPS South Florida conquest on October 3rd. He went into the meet with a few nagging injuries but felt confident in putting a decent meet together. The day seemed to be going well as he hit a 600b squat at 196lb which was a 20lb meet PR (video below). Bench was also going well as 1st and 2nd attempts flew up. When it came down to his third attempt his left tricep tendon ruptured about halfway up on bench. He pulled a token 135lb dead to end the meet, and headed back to Jacksonville to get ready for the impending surgery. He had surgery on October 12th and has been in recovery mode since then. Bodyweight is down as is upper mass but he has been still consistently squatting with specialty bars since the surgery. He has recently regained all mobility on his left arm and has been cleared by his ortho to slowly start working on strength.

600lb PR Squat from RPS South Florida Conquest

Squat progress from the past month as I take a step back on upper body due to the surgery.

Worked up to two top sets of 340×5 on SSB box squats.

One armed squat training (from saturday). SSB box squats 70×10, 160×8, 250×5, 300×5, 340×5, 340×5. SSB good morning 160×12, 210×12, 250×12. Banded bw squats 3×20, ghr 3×10, band abs 3 x 20. First time back in the Team Samson gym post op. Since I'm not able to train upper body for a whole I did the squats and gms beltless to use as much of the core muscles as possible. I've been to a commercial gym a few times post op before this session and just hit machine leg/core exercises. #1020life #powerrackstrength #lifting #powerlifting #bodybuilding #198boiz #fitfam #fitspo #bench #squat #quads #heavy #training #back #sbd #raw #instafit #gymlife #gym #strength #power #deadlift #crossfit #gainz #heavylifting #fitness #rawsquat #safetysquatbar #injured #teambroken

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Worked up to 385×4 on Cambered Bar Squats

Worked up to 405×3 on cambered squat bar.

Cambered bar raw squats 155×5, 245×3, 335×3(last two on video), 405×3. Accessory exercise complex 2 times through no rest in between exercises. Banded bw squats 2×20, ghr 2×8, band abs 2×20, band leg curls 2×35, band face pull 2×35, band left arm high row 2×25. Bodyweight was down to 187 this morning. Still not much upper body training going on. Had a little bit of stability issues on the last set on my left side (surgery side), but nothing major. Mostly due to not feeling like I'm set right under the bar due to the post op weight/upper body mass loss. I'll focus more on getting my weight back up as I'm slowly cleared by my ortho to do more activity with my left arm. #1020life #powerrackstrength #lifting #powerlifting #bodybuilding #198boiz #fitfam #fitspo #bench #squat #quads #heavy #training #back #sbd #raw #instafit #gymlife #gym #strength #power #deadlift #crossfit #gainz #heavylifting #fitness #rawsquat #Camberedsquatbar #injured #teambroken

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Worked up to 425×1 on cambered squat bar.

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