Team Samson Weekly Update

Filipe Gusmão and Shane Ford are currently 2 weeks out from the RPS South Florida Conquest and Adam Driggers is testing his Squat and Bench. 

The past two weeks for the guys prepping for the RPS meet were spent pushing up their numbers and testing the waters in the higher percentages. A better idea for safe openers and attainable seconds/thirds took form. This can all change come meet day depending on meet conditions, but having a coach and a plan minimizes the amount of corrections that need to be done on the platform and allow the lifter to just focus on what he is there to do, successfully perform the lifts.

While the gym has been peaking for a meet Adam has continued peaking for the sake of it. Hitting back to back raw squat PRs.


Adam Driggers

Since the gym has been pushing up their numbers in meet prep Adam has followed suit and shown that he is still one of the top lifters in the gym even in his forever “offseason” training (aka retirement).

Worked up to 700×1 off of a 1 board in a multi ply shirt 2 weeks ago and took a lighter raw day this past week.

Hit back to back raw pr squats by working up to 625 2 weeks ago and 635 this past week.



Did some moderate pulling working up to 495 on conventional deadlift.


Filipe Gusmao

Filipe continued to deal with tendinitis pain these past two but has been able to manage it enough to properly peak for the RPS meet in 2 weeks. Bench was moved from monday to wednesday to put more distance between it and the saturday squat session as those two movements produce the greatest amount of pain. Pull were in turn switched out with bench being performed on mondays.


2 weeks back

135×3, 225×2, 315×1, 405×1, 455×1, 495×1(on video), 540×1(on video). 4in block pull 495×1(on video), 545×1, 555×1(on video)

This past week

135×3, 225×2, 315×1, 405×1, 455×1, 500×1(opener). Finished off with barbell shrugs 365×8, 415×8, 455×8 and stretchers 140 3×12.


2 weeks back

Paused Bench 230×1, 280×1, 320×1, 340×1, 360×1.Finished off with bench dips 4×15, band push downs 4×25, and band Flys 3×25

This past week

Paused Bench 135×3, 185×3, 225×1, 275×1, 315×1, 335×1(opener), 365×1(possible 2nd). Finished off with bench dips 4×15, band push downs 4×25, and band Flys 3×25.


2 weeks back

Worked up to 540×1, 590×1 (5lb pr), 630×1(Reverse band 25lb pr).

This past week

After the past weeks squat session there was some discoloration on my left hamstring and it was confirmed by my chiropractor that I had a hamstring strain. Just took it easy and deloaded squats this weeks and will probably only take another heavy squat on meet day to avoid delaying the healing process.


Shane Ford

Shane has been peaking well for this meet on his squat and deadlift, but has been struggling with his bench training due to bicep/elbow related issues. The past two proved unsuccessful in nailing down a solid bench number for this cycle so he will deload until the meet to give his arms a break and open very conservatively.


2 weeks back

Worked up to a 705×1 single ply squat.

This past week

Worked up to a 720×1 single ply squat and possible opener for the RPS meet in 2 weeks.


2 weeks back

Worked up to a PR single ply deadlift of 645×1.

This past week

Worked up to his deadlift opener of 605×1

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