Client success story

Client Success Story (Another)

Another Client Success Story

Client Success Stories are awesome – we all love a happy ending, and here is another success story with Pat. I met pat a couple of years ago when he came to me about his back pain. Pat is now 100% pain and symptom-free and working toward benching 405 for the first time at 50 years old! The other day, Pat doubled 350lbs on the bench and did multiple sets of 5 with 315, as shown above! Pat is NOT a competitive lifter but sure is strong.

Pat’s history of back pain

Like many former athletes, Pat first experienced back pain playing college football. He got injured so badly on the football field that he got up, left the field, and never came back! For over 20 years, Pat would tweak his back and suffer for weeks at a time until things calmed down. Does this sound familiar to some of you?

The start of the Success story

Pat was seeing one of my good friends and preferred Chiropractors in Jacksonville, Dr. Amy Bernstein when she connected us and suggested that Pat reach out to me as she was very familiar with my story and knew what I’d been through. She thought working with me would be a good addition to the therapy she was already giving him. You know my thoughts on chiropractors (read the full article here); the good ones send you home with homework and refer you out for progressions.

Pat took his back pain seriously.

Pat would have bouts of low back pain so incredible that we would have to hunch over like an 80yr older man in the grocery store, leaning on the shopping cart, praying that he wouldn’t have to grab something low on the shelving. So, once I gave him a direction to order Back Mechanic and Gift of Injury and do the self-assessment, apply the principles, and permit himself to heal, his pain started winding down.

The rest is history

Once Pat was familiar with his pain triggers, we did a Virtual consult (I do this with all clients before seeing them in person); then, we set up an in-person meeting. Fast forward a couple of years, and Pat has been pain-free for years, working toward his first 405 bench-press at 50. He has enjoyed our progress together so much that he trains with me weekly and sometimes flies in to get a session.

How to create your own Success Story and Testimonial

Nothing to rebuild him was unique other than what his body needed to become more resilient. You can’t rush the adaptation. As shown in Gift of Injury, we slowly rebuilt his load tolerance with special exercises and expanded upon these until he was ready to start bench pressing again. NOTE: we didn’t get him pain-free, then put him right back under the bar. HUGE MISTAKE. Yes, he needed to back off his normal lifting routine, but this was necessary as his old program kept him in pain.


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Brian is a retired world-class powerlifter with over two decades of world-class powerlifting. From 1999 to 2020, Brian Carroll was a competitive powerlifter, one of the most accomplished lifters in the sport's history. Brian started off competing in bench press competitions 'raw,' then, shortly into the journey, he gravitated toward equipped lifting as there were no "raw" categories then. You only had to choose from single-ply (USPF) and Multi-ply (APF/WPC). Brian went on to total 2730 at 275 and 2651 at 242 with more than ten times his body weight in three different classes (220, 242, 275), and both bench pressed and deadlifted over 800 pounds in two other weight classes. He's totaled 2600 over 20 times in 2 different weight classes in his career. With 60 squats of 1000lbs or more officially, this is the most in powerlifting history, regardless of weight class or federation, by anyone not named David Hoff. Brian realized many ups and downs during his 20+ years competing. After ten years of high-level powerlifting competition and an all-time World Record squat at 220 with 1030, in 2009, Brian was competing for a Police academy scholarship. On a hot and humid July morning, Brian, hurdling over a barricade at 275lbs, landed on, fell, and hurt his back. After years of back pain and failed therapy, Brian met with world-renowned back specialist Prof McGill in 2013, which changed his trajectory more than he could have imagined. In 2017, Brian Carroll and Prof McGill authored the best-selling book about Brian's triumphant comeback to powerlifting in Gift of Injury. Most recently (10.3.20) -Brian set the highest squat of all time (regardless of weight class) with 1306 lbs – being the first man to break the 1300lb squat barrier at a bodyweight of 303 lbs.
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