Is it TOO LATE for Ronnie Coleman?

Is it TOO LATE for Ronnie Coleman?

I’m frequently asked about Ronnie Coleman: his 13 documented back surgeries prompt questions like, ‘Can he be aided? Will he improve? Is he responsible for his own pain? And where might he be in a decade?’ In this article and accompanying video, I’ll delve into these questions, sharing my perspectives and insights on his current situation and potential trajectory over the next decade.

Keep in mind, I’ve personally navigated the complex world of medical treatments (view here). I’ve encountered surgeons who are quick to recommend surgery, as well as those who are truly dedicated to their patients’ well-being. This firsthand experience has given me a unique perspective on the medical field, which I’ll be sharing in this video.

Ronnie Coleman was more than just a bodybuilder I admired from afar. He was someone I grew up watching, a figure who inspired me to step into the world of bodybuilding myself. I even did some bodybuilding around the time he was at his peak. In my opinion, he was the most dominant bodybuilder of all time, winning 8 straight Mr. Olympias, beginning with blowing Flex Wheeler off the stage in 1998.

What’s in the new video?

In this video, I delve into some of Ronnie’s latest treatments. As a massage therapist of 10 years, I’ve seen my fair share of back injuries in the medical field. I’ve even experienced it myself. Now, as a McGill certified practioner, I hear stories like Ronnie’s every day. This isn’t just a topic of interest for me, it’s personal. I have skin in the game and can speak on this with authority and validity.

I also delve into what I believe made Ronnie great, but also unfortunately what ultimately led to his current situation. His myopic focus on his career was both his strength and his downfall. It’s a testament to his dedication and drive, and it’s something we should all respect and appreciate.

I also address the aspect of the question I often receive – is it too late for Ronnie to feel better, and will he always be in pain? And could I help him, could anyone help him? To answer these, we need to understand the specifics of Ronnie’s condition and the treatments he’s undergoing.

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