Switching to 10/20/Life: Sitting down with Cody and Jacob from Kratos Barbell Part 2

Switching to 10/20/Life: Sitting down with Cody and Jacob from Kratos Barbell Part 2 – Video is LIVE!

I had the honor of meeting with Cody, Tom, and Jacob from Kratos Barbell in Tifton, Georgia during Arnold weekend in 2024. We had an enlightening discussion about powerlifting and the transition from a conjugate training style to 10/20/Life. Cody shared, ‘The switch to 10/20/Life was a game-changer for us. It’s not just a training style, it’s a lifestyle.’ if you missed part 1 of our conversation, be sure to check it out (Click Here for Part 1).

My initial encounter with Cody was in 2022 when he sought powerlifting training cycle coaching and expressed concerns about his back issues. Despite this, he was determined to continue training for his upcoming powerlifting competition, where he was aiming to break his personal records. After deliberation, we decided to give the powerlifting programming a try. After working with Cody for a while, he decided to switch from the conjugate style of training not only for himself but also for the entire Kratos barbell team, to 10/20/Life, and the results have been remarkable, with Cody achieving his goals and surpassing his previous records.

Part 2:

In the second part of our discussion, we explored Jacob’s incredible journey of a 300-lb increase in his personal record total over the past couple of years (including a 70lb squat PR in the last meet). We also delved into various powerlifting topics, team training, and the impact of 10/20/Life. Jacob has been under Cody’s guidance for 2 years, coinciding with Cody’s implementation of the principles of 10/20/Life. The significant improvement in Jacob’s lifts is a testament to their teamwork and the effectiveness of 10/20/Life, and you’ll get to hear about it firsthand.

In the upcoming parts of this series, you’ll be thrilled to witness Tom’s journey as he builds his 2050 total, inching closer to 2100 raw with knee wraps (next meet June 9). And the story of Cody, the leader of the team, who has overcome severe neurological (Cauda Equina) symptoms and is now back under the bar with 600lbs, pain-free, is truly remarkable. These achievements not only highlight their personal triumphs but also the potential of 10/20/Life in powerlifting.

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