Quick Rant: Ronnie Coleman

I am a huge fan of Ronnie, but the truth must be spoken…

If you haven’t caught my recent video on Ronnie Coleman, I’d recommend giving it a watch HERE. I can still vividly recall the first time I saw on Ronnie in person. It was at the 2001 Muscle Classic, where he made a guest appearance, decked out in combat boots, and weighing a solid 320 pounds of muscle, looking absolutely ripped. His arm and leg veins looked like a garden hose.

Ronnie has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. He’s the reason I had got into bodybuilding myself at one point. However, his journey serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of surrounding oneself with the wrong influences, coupled with bouts of bad luck and the aftermath of unsuccessful back surgeries. Unfortunately, finding relief from chronic back pain isn’t a straightforward journey for everyone. Some folks simply ignore it, while others inadvertently worsen it in their attempts to self-treat. Even seeking professional help doesn’t always yield the desired outcome.

Short Rant Video

My Professional Opinion 

As someone who works closely with clients grappling with lower back issues on a daily basis, I empathize deeply with Ronnie’s struggles. My thoughts and well-wishes are with him for a speedy recovery. Yet, his tendency to aggravate his back by resuming heavy lifting shortly after surgery only serves to exacerbate his situation. Superficial interventions like red light therapy or Graston technique may offer temporary relief, but they’re unlikely to address the underlying structural issues within his spine.

Let me be clear—I remain a steadfast fan of Ronnie’s, but there comes a time when we must confront uncomfortable truths. Addressing chronic back pain requires a collaborative approach, tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances. A comprehensive, long-term strategy is essential, one that goes beyond superficial treatments and addresses the root causes of the pain. Unfortunately, Ronnie never had the benefit of such a holistic approach, and as a result, achieving a pain-free existence may prove elusive for him.

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