My Thoughts on PRP, Stem Cells, and DiscSeels


  • New video out on PRP, Stem cells, and DiscSeels
  • My experience/client experiences with these different types of injections
  • My thoughts on if it is worth it
  • How these can possibly cause more harm than good

New Video is LIVE!

In this video and article, I will discuss popular and controversial topics related to back issues and injections, such as PRP, discseel, and stem cells. I will share my experiences with injections, which can be beneficial when used at the right time but can also be detrimental for those like me who fail to take the necessary time to heal correctly. I will also discuss the experiences of clients and friends who have undergone stem cell treatments in countries like Panama, Colombia, and Mexico, as well as PRP and stem cell sessions in various states in the U.S.

It is rare for me to come across someone with back pain who has not received at least one round of epidural or nerve root block injections. As described in “Gift of Injury,” many clients, including myself, tend to “move on” with their lives and continue engaging in activities that exacerbate their injuries. When the effects of the injections wear off, which can range from no relief to six months or more of relief, they often find themselves in a worse condition than before. Blocking the pain signal from the brain does not equate to healing and can worsen the situation, leading to more disabling pain and the need for additional rounds of injections. I have lived through this experience for a considerable period.

PRP Injections

PRP can be beneficial in specific cases, such as when applied to the scalp (I was initially skeptical but found it compelling), certain body areas, and types of injuries. However, based on my experience, it does more harm than good in most cases. In nearly every instance, clients reported being worse off for about six months before returning to their pre-PRP baseline. Some clients even described the procedure and the post-procedure pain as the worst they had ever experienced. A few of them mentioned that they would never have opted for it if they had known about the level of pain during and after the procedure.

Stem Cells

Regarding stem cell treatment for a disc injury, such as traveling to Panama for many cells injected into the body, it does not significantly improve the disc injury or back pain. Some of my clients have undergone this treatment, but its effectiveness is hindered by the fact that they were already feeling better before visiting me. However, one thing is sure: it can significantly deplete your finances and provide an opportunity to relax and take a break, which, coincidentally, may aid in recovery. Typically, individuals who can afford such procedures lead fast-paced, high-stress lives and often neglect self-care. Slowing down, resting, getting off their feet, and perhaps relaxing for a few days to weeks can produce remarkable results.


Among the various interventions I have discussed, I have found discseel to be the most successful procedure for back pain and disc injuries (including annular tears). This procedure involves sealing the disc with Fibrin and glue to address tears in the collagen layers around the nucleus within the disc. When performed appropriately, it can work wonders. However, there have been cases of Arachnoiditis (inflammation of the Arachnoid membrane) when the glue used for the seel comes into contact with a nerve root, resulting in significant and prolonged negative effects for the individual.

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