Quick Rant: Chiropractors

Not All Chiropractors are Created Equal

This quick rant serves as a preview for next week’s video, scheduled to release on July 11th, addressing chiropractors and why they might not be the best solution for relieving back pain. It’s important to note that this critique isn’t a condemnation of the chiropractic profession itself. I have personal friends who are chiropractors, including McGill practitioners, and even those in Jacksonville whom I visit myself. However, not all chiropractors offer the same level of care. In my experience, and that of my clients, many seem more focused on profit than on genuinely helping their patients.

The issue often arises when chiropractors follow a repetitive routine during each visit: cracking your back, performing manipulations, and possibly incorporating trendy soft tissue techniques, all without assigning any homework or offering ways to address the underlying issues. They frequently propose a weekly or monthly treatment plan, requiring visits 2-3 times per week, primarily for routine adjustments. They may assert that things are “improving” without conducting thorough consultations to identify the cause of your back pain or examining MRI results to understand complex injuries. Why would someone benefiting financially from frequent visits want to resolve the issue permanently and risk losing your business? For many, it’s simply not financially prudent to do so. Instead, they provide temporary relief to ensure you keep returning and spending more money.

Quick Rant Video

Choose Your Chiropractor Wisely!

I’m not implying that all chiropractors operate in this manner. As mentioned, I have friends and professionals whom I personally trust and visit. The key difference lies in their approach: they take the time to understand their patients’ issues and aim to provide long-term solutions alongside immediate relief. This personalized care is crucial, especially since some individuals may not tolerate the intense adjustments described in “Back Mechanic” and “Gift of Injury.” While chiropractic care may offer relief for some, it can exacerbate pain or create new problems for others if the underlying issues aren’t properly understood.

In next week’s video, I will delve into specific criteria for evaluating chiropractors. This information is intended to assist those seeking relief through chiropractic treatments, empowering them to distinguish between legitimate practitioners and those more focused on maximizing profits. Stay tuned for the upcoming video, and don’t rely blindly on your chiropractor to alleviate your back pain. Educate yourself with resources like “Back Mechanic” and “Gift of Injury” to better understand the importance of informed decision-making in your back rehabilitation journey.

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