Quick Rant: Doctors and Back Pain

The Issue with going to a General Practioner for Back Pain

Before delving into this rant, I don’t harbor any animosity towards doctors or hold them personally responsible. What I intend to discuss is not their fault but a consequence of the medical industrial complex prioritizing profit over comprehensive patient care. Conditions like back pain require more than a one-size-fits-all approach involving generic templates and basic exercises like stretching or pilates. Given the overwhelming demands placed on doctors’ schedules, it’s unsurprising that many people struggle to find lasting relief from lower back pain.

I have several friends who are doctors, including those certified in the McGill Method, who perform remarkable work. However, general practitioners need more time to dedicate sufficient attention to uncovering solutions for back pain.

This rant is a follow-up to my recent blog post and video discussing the medical-industrial complex. This concept underscores how the medical industry is structured primarily to maximize profits rather than prioritize patient wellness. As a result, individuals suffering from “chronic lower back pain” (IMO, it’s multiple acute flare-ups and insults) often find little relief from visiting a general practitioner. Even if temporary relief is achieved, the pain returns within weeks or months. This recurrence stems from doctors’ inability to invest the necessary time to understand the specific nuances of a patient’s pain, triggers, movement patterns, and effective treatments.

Addressing back pain demands extensive interaction with the patient. Observing their daily movements—getting out of bed, driving, sitting at a desk, navigating their home or office—is essential to identifying the root cause(s). Without this comprehensive understanding, how can a doctor effectively eliminate the factors contributing to the pain? While doctors can prescribe various treatments such as injections, exercises, or stretches that may offer temporary relief, without addressing the underlying cause, the pain inevitably resurfaces. Furthermore, some treatments may inadvertently worsen existing issues or introduce new complications, exacerbating the situation.

Quick Rant Video

The Harsh Truth

A general practitioner is unlikely to provide a permanent solution if you suffer from back pain. They typically offer standard recommendations and referrals to specialists, perpetuating a cycle of escalating interventions. It’s crucial to seek out practitioners, like those certified in the McGill method or other qualified and proven PT approaches, who prioritize understanding your injury to facilitate proper recovery and prevent recurring issues (acute insults). While this approach may not yield immediate relief akin to a spinal injection, it provides hope for a long-term, pain-free life, saving considerable time and money.

If visiting a general practitioner has successfully alleviated your back pain, that’s commendable. However, many patients—including myself—have experienced the frustration of navigating this process without tangible results despite substantial financial investment. After seeing this daily in my current practice, I have to call it the way I see it. It’s not set up to cure people; it’s arranged to keep people using their insurance.

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